Dark Maiden is a complicated character. I had someone ask me this week if Star Maiden and Dark Maiden are the same person. Yes, in fact, they are–but they are radically different sides of the same person and neither of them is the REAL Star Maiden (call her “Elora,” her birth name). The real Star Maiden personality disappeared years ago when her father tried to control her and inadvertently unleashed the Dark Maiden persona. In a misguided attempt to further correct his daughter, he turned her into the loony version of Star Maiden, who still pops up from time-to-time.

The question of today’s strip is not which version of Star Maiden are we looking at (it’s clearly Dark Maiden)–but what does she want?


Now that word is getting around that we’re back, those of you who have been away may not be aware that there are fully FIVE issues of SuperFogeys on Comixology right now. Go! See!


Big thanks to everyone who pledged their support last week. We hit our third milestone goal and we’re heading right for the fourth–the Big Reveal of the Missing Year. You guys are awesome. Thank you.