UPDATE – 4/8/2011

Just for kicks, I updated this strip with a new version I drew back at the time of the release of SuperFogeys Volume One. It was included as an extra in that book, but I figured it was time for the world to see it.
Here’s what the original first strip looked like. As you can see, my art progressed a lot.

If you can’t see this image, click here!


Welcome to the first episode of the SuperFogeys!  If this is your first trip into the SuperFogeys universe, this is the place to start.  Hope you enjoy the ride.
If it looks a little crude, don’t worry.  It gets better.
For a year and a half I ran a somewhat popular blog on MySpace called “From Behind the Light.”  After I put up a couple of exercises in comic stripping, some masochistic readers were begging me for more.  One fake internet friend of mine, Tad, off-handedly suggested that I “do something like old superheroes in a nursing home.”  I laughed.  It was a good idea, but silly.  There were one, maybe two jokes there.

A month later, the idea wouldn’t let go.  I sat down, put my pencil to the paper, and Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular were born.  “What have I done?” I wondered.

The first strip was really me just trying to figure out what the SuperFogeys are all about. It’s both my first notes and my first strip, all rolled into one. There wasn’t a lot of forethought that went into the SuperFogeys, either artistically or otherwise.