This is one of those that’s a favorite of a lot of people (or so I’m told) but that I’ve never really liked much.  Bathroom humor always feels cheap and forced to me.

On these early strips I was drawing at a smaller size and using paper and pens that were quite a bit different from what I would eventually settle on.  Art’s a bit sloppy for that reason (well, that and I was rushing it).  It was just a cheap experiment to me at this point, nothing more.

Jerry’s an interesting guy and probably my favorite SuperFogey.  I had no idea who he was when I drew this, his introduction.  I knew he was Captain Spectacular’s best friend and that he didn’t have any powers, but that was about it.  Don’t even ask me where the costume design came from.  I was thinking Mexican Wrestler, but I don’t know if you can tell that at all.