One of the more awkwardly organized strips I’ve done, design-wise. The balloons in the second panel just would not fit in a natural way. In comics, you generally want the person speaking first on the left side of the panel and the next person to the right of them and so on. Usually, I obey this rule. This time, I found it quite difficult.

Tangerine’s name came first when I created him, and his powers later to justify the name. In the fictional world, however, it’s the inverse.


This is it–day 4 of the new pre-launch extravaganza! The site has whole new look and every day this week features new SF material.  I’ll also be highlighting one of the new features of this amazing site that Th3rd World (with a bit of input and some artwork from me) put together.

You’ll notice as you scroll down, over on the right hand side of the screen, is a section labeled “News.” Not much to say here except that, while I’ll always be announcing major news items in my daily comments, this is the go-to spot if you want quick access to the major events.

Right below that (and up the tabs as well) is the “Blog” section.  This won’t be a place where I just duplicate the “Brock’s Comments.” Instead, this will be a special repository for things that probably have nothing to do with SF.  Stories from my life, general musings, list of favorite songs, etc.  Y’know, a blog.

As such, your mileage may vary with it, but before I ever started wrting comics I was writing short essays and movie reviews for the local paper.  Writing is my first love, with drawing a close second.  It’s important to me to have an outlet for that.  Hopefully, somebody will care.  We’ll see.

Come on back tomorrow when I wrap this series up and finally shut up about how great this site is!

Gigcast Interview #2

JT Shea and Scott Gallatin, podcasters, gentlemen and friends of webcomics, did me the great favor of letting me back on the Gigcast for the second time this week. We talked a bit about the new site, the third SuperFogeys book, the current SF storyline and more.  They tell me it’ll be going up sometime tonight.

If you have it, a quick search for “Gigcast” on iTunes will yield the proper results.  Or, you could just go the Gigcast home page right over here. It’s show number 160!

Tomorrow and Next Week:

Tomorrow wraps up the 3-page preview of “Cellmates” with more terrific art from Chip Skelton.  Be sure and come on back for that.  Next week will feature two more SF intallments in their usual slot on Tuesday and Thursday, but be sure and also stop in on Wednesday for a special treat.  I’m not saying what it is, but it’s…different.  And funny.  At least, I think it’s pretty funny.  You’ve never seen SF through these eyes before!

As for the proper tease for next week’s strip?  Gonna have to come back tomorrow for that.  See you then!