I’m proud to say that no one guessed how in the world the cliffhanger from the end of the last chapter would resolve itself.  The nice thing about doing a humor strip is that, at times, the humor can be a convenient “out” of a storytelling situation and somehow it doesn’t feel cheap.

In some ways, this strip would play much better as the end of Chapter 4.  It’s really a “part 2″ anyway.  But thematically, we’re talking about the redemption of Dr. Rocket and I wanted to mark the switch from Chapter 4 with a strip that says “Yes, he really is a good guy now.”  People were doubting DR’s real intentions here, but he never strayed from this point forward.  This was the line in the sand and everything else that comes after it is about convincing the reader that there wasn’t some ulterior motive here–that this is really who Dr. Rocket is now.

Chapter Five

Today is the beginning of what I think will be a very fun and exciting
chapter…and maybe even a little controversial. We shall see! 

It kicks off with this resolution to the last chapter’s cliffhanger and
I hope it doesn’t disappoint! You guys had some great theories as to
how this was gonna shake out and while some of you got pretty close, no
one quite guessed it. Not entirely.

I debated a lot about whether I should even end the last chapter with
the cliffhanger, or if this strip should have been the real end to
Chapter. Ultimately, I decided that for thematic reasons this is
exactly where this chapter needed to start. Make of that what you will.