Big thanks to Marc for this strip. We had a technical glitch with all the lettering I did and at the last minute Marc purchased the font himself and did it up real special like for us. I’ll be updating later today with the real lettering (just for the sake of consistency), but Marc did a fine job here. (UPDATE: The lettering has now been updated to the official version.)¬†Appreciate his hard work? Don’t forget the donation button to the left there (it had Money Man on it). All money donated goes directly to Marc–I don’t see a dime. If you enjoy SF, I think he deserves whatever you can spare.

This is a big deal strip, and one more than a few of you predicted based on last week’s strip. Nice work. You guys make this fun.

See you on Wednesday with the return of a character we haven’t seen since I was drawing the strip! Guesses?