And we’re back! Thanks for your patience during the past two weeks while we rejuiced and got ready for this next chapter–which is a big one. Seriously, I know we’ve raised a lot of questions and started a lot of mysteries over the years–and certainly we’ve done some big reveals along the way–but with this chapter, Chapter 19 – The Man Who Sold the World–we’re gonna solve mysteries you may not even known were there. Sending Swifty into another dimension isn’t just a lark–it’s the answer to, well…


What does that mean? You’ll see soon.

For those of you who missed it or forgot (it WAS two weeks ago), the previous chapter ended with a HUGE cliffhanger. We’re in an alternate reality now, known as Earth-Avalon. We’re gonna be exploring this world in some really exciting ways and you’re gonna meet different versions of characters you’ve been reading about for years. As you well know, it’s all about character around here, and how these characters differ from the ones we’re familiar with and why is at the heart of this part of the story we’re telling. Should be a good ride.

See you on Wednesday!