Holy crud, can you believe we’re actually back?


Okay, it’s been a while. Let me catch you up.

It’s been one year since Captain Spectacular’s ex-wives Zurida and Dark Maiden and an alien armada invaded the United States of America and took it over. Now, the USA is now more. In it’s place stands the United States of Zurida, or USZ. Queen Zurida controls all of the former continental United States except California–now called New California and run by Spy Gal and the Society of Heroes–the former Fogeys from Valhalla!

Some heroes and villains, among them Dr. Rocket, have sided with Zurida, but most are with Spy Gal. Jerry is off traveling the world trying to gather the proper materials the destroy the Pilatian Power Crystal–the ultimate source of unlimited power–once and for all. Captain Spectacular, after being tortured by Zurida and Dr. Rocket for eight months, has finally escaped thanks to an alternate universe version of her old mentor, Money Man.

It’s in that alternate universe–called Earth-Avalon–where Swifty now resides. He’s discovered that his universe–called Earth-Abaddon–is a dark mirror of this other universe where an alternate version of the Thrice Evil is frustrated time and again. This other Thrice Evil means to come to Earth-Abaddon by any means necessary to accomplish the goal that has long eluded him–to rule.

To this end, Thrice Evil has manipulated Jerry all his life to fashion the world to his liking, and sent two emissaries–T-Magus and Gina–to prepare the way and inform Zurida of his coming. Zurida plans to join with him, which creates mistrust in her partner and co-queen, Dark Maiden.

As this chapter begins, on Earth-Abaddon, Dark Maiden has come to the Society of Heroes in New California to, she says, join the team. And Thrice Evil’s mother, “Mommy,” has been captured on Earth-Avalon and brought in chains to its version of the Great Hall of the Society of Heroes…


It was a long six months ago the Fogeys signed off for an extended break that, at the time, Marc and I didn’t quite know when it would end. A number of factors played into the break, chief among them being just plain ol’ fatigue. SF has a loyal, fervent fanbase, but it’s never reached the level to where Marc and I could make any real money doing it. We’ve got families, I lost my job, and suddenly making a comic that brought in no money didn’t seem like much of a priority.

We knew we needed a break.

During the break I did my best to find a job (and ended up with no more money but an exciting situation nonetheless–more on that another day) and set up our Patreon page. When we did come back, I knew there had to be a way to turn this straw into gold or we just wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. Now, we have five issues up on Comixology and those of you who want to support what we’re doing have an easy way to do so–Patreon.

Those of you who have already signed up for our Patreon–thank you! Those of you who have been waiting to sign up until we came back with new strips–now’s the time! You’ll get lots of free content and other surprises. Speaking of surprises…


We just added a new Milestone Goal for the SF Patreon! This is one is super special. It’s something you didn’t even know you needed.

If we can reach pledges totaling $75/strip (of this writing we’re closing in on $50/strip) I will give every single patron–from the $0.50 level to the $15 level–a copy of my super secret document “One Year Later.”

What is that? Well, back when the Fogeys storyline made the “One Year Later” jump the first thing I did was create a multi-page document detailing exactly what went on in the missing year. What is the Battle of Fresno? What did Cap do to get himself stuck in Zurida’s torture chamber for 8 months? How did Soviet Sam lose an eye? What did Percy do that was so bad? What is Dr. Rocket’s game plan? All of the answers and a whole lot more are in that document.

Why would I give that away? Well, first of all, I want all our patrons to have something special. Second of all, while some of what’s in the document will be revealed eventually, most of it won’t. This means you’ll get some pretty decent spoilers and a bunch of other stuff no one else will ever know. But… it’s all canon. 100% legit.

Pledge now to make sure you get your copy when it becomes available.


So, today kicks off a new chapter of SF. This is a chapter that was created in a way no other chapter ever has been. Typically, I’ll outline a chapter and then work on the strips individually, one-by-one. Our long hiatus allowed me to look more at the chapter as a whole. I found myself letting the story breathe a little more and creating more great character moments along the way. I think this is the funniest SF chapter in a long, long time. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

I know Marc is, too. He made a significant change to his art process this time around by increasing the size of the art. There’s more detail packed into these new strips, and a greater level of craftsmanship. He really upped his game and I think you can see that right away in today’s strip, but also particularly in Wednesday’s strip, which is double-sized.


Just a reminder that we’re three times a week now! MWF!


My biggest fear in taking this long break was that we would lose readers. This is, of course, inevitable. However, I’d like to call on all of you reading this to help us spread the word a little if you can. The SuperFogeys Facebook Page is a great thing to share out, and of course there’s the social media links at the bottom of each and every post.

I bet there are a lot of people out there who just plain forgot we were coming back or just don’t know where it is. I’ve done everything I can to spread the word, but if you’ve got a second to do your part, we’d sure appreciate it.


Okay, we got all the business stuff out of the way. Let’s have fun now. I can’t wait to see what you guys make of this chapter. Let the ill-advised, erroneus, possibly dead-on speculation begin!