Swifty was gone so long from the strip that I kind of forgot how much fun he can be to write. There’s a lot of dialogue crammed into this strip, but his stuff, though incidental, is my favorite. I guess even when you bring a ton of new characters onto the stage, they can’t really replace the affection you have for the old ones. Not immediately, anyway.

A personal note: I need to step away from SF for the next couple weeks while my family and take a little break for the summer, so Marc will be holding down the fort in my absence. Don’t worry, both SuperFogeys and SuperFogeys Origins won’t seen any interruption, but for once you won’t have me to put up with. I’ll probably drop in on the comments section here and there, but otherwise it’s the Marc show. Be nice, okay? Actually, be mean. Tell Marc all about how that one moment between Dr. Rocket and the Third Man way back in the sixth chapter completely invalidates everything currently happening and make him answer for it. Could be fun.

Speaking of SuperFogeys Origins… you did see its big return, right? Be sure and come back each and every Friday for more of the sequel to the Spy Gal’s origin, with fantastic art from Jason Williams!