New looks for President Reed and Star Matron! Couldn’t send them into battle in their civvies, now could we? The new uniforms came together pretty quickly–Marc is a real ace when it comes to character design–but I did have feelings about President Reed’s hat. In Marc’s original design, he was hatless. That didn’t feel quite right to me. So, Marc tried a few things–a WWII style officer’s cape, a tri-corner hat, etc. I chose the baseball cap because it felt the most modern and that felt right for President Reed’s more USA-centric look (fully making it obvious Soviet Sam has been a Captain America analogue all along).

If you’re one of our patrons on Patreon, you know all this and even got to see the original sketches and all the different hats. We like to slip in fun peeks like that once in a while.

See you on Wednesday with 814 – Ptoof!