The modern day Society of Heroes team has a long and spotty history in these parts. I’ve never really detailed what their origin story is (the one separate from the original Society of Heroes) or why they are the way are. Maybe someday I’ll get to do that in an origin. Suffice it to say, the why isn’t as important as the what.

The last significant appearance from these guys was waaaaaay back in Chapter 5, when Tangerine was still on the team. You might notice they’re sporting a new member, The Healer. You’re gonna see a lot more of the Society in the coming weeks. Gotta admit, they’re fun to play with. I regret not putting them on the stage more.

I’m always impressed with how Marc interprets characters that originated from my pencil. He captures the spirit and intent so perfectly. These characters are no exception.

After taking a month off, I finally wrote another blog, “Why I’m Not a Republican (Or a Democrat)” in which I talk about my dad and expose my inner Moderate.