Hey, don’t if everybody know this, but just above the strip is a tab that links to a page with a rundown of all the characters that have graced the pages of the SuperFogeys. I try to keep it as current as possible.  I just did a massive update that takes into account everything that’s happened in the SF storyline since strip 200.

Dr. Rocket’s info and picture have been completely overhauled and I’ve also added four new characters: Herman, Fidel Castro, Beach Babe and Harvey the Bunny.  Check it out here!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about SuperFogeys Origins.  I’ll be adding several characters from that series as well soon!


My youngest brother gets married this week, which is a kind of crazy.  He’s found a great girl in his fiancee, Karen (I have to say that because I know she’s reading this right now, making her officially the only family member I have that follows SF).  I could not be more thrilled for both him and her.  As such, I’ve decided to give myself over to the festivities this week and take some time away from work and from the internet.  I’m sure I’ll still be popping in now and again, but don’t expect my presence to be quite so regular.

The wedding is on Friday. On Saturday I’ll be making my first in-store appearance at Heroes Comics in Fresno at Shaw and Hwy 41.  That’s May 2nd, 2009′s Free Comic Book Day when you can go into comic book store across the country and walk out with a bunch of free comic books.

Th3rd World will also have a free comic book available.  I did a special, one page SuperFogeys comic just for that and I hope you get your copy! Come back here on Friday to see a special preview of that page.  If you wanna see the rest, you’ll have to pick up the book!


I’ll be at Heroes starting at 10am.  I’ll have SF and Th3rd World books to sell and sign, and I’ll be doing free sketches as well.  Should be fun!

See you Thursday for SuperFogeys 206 and on Friday for the SF FCBD preview!



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