To celebrate SuperFogeys 200 and a few other things, Tom Racine interviewed me last week and we had a blast. I think this is a good one.  I was very careful about inappropriate laughter and even reduced my number of “ums” per minute by 75%!  Heck yeah!  Tom puts it like this:

“The most talented Brock “SuperFogeys” Heasley joins me again for an update on his goings-on. SuperFogeys has passed the big 200 mark, and the Saga of Dr. Rocket has been taking us down all sorts of roads.  Brock clues us in on the whole process of that storyline, and talks about the alternate version you almost saw! Then he gives us an update on the very personal memoir he’s writing about his dad called “Bullets and M&Ms,” and in a Tall Tale Radio exclusive, reads a passage from the book. It’s a work in progress that is very powerful and should be a great read. We delve into such topics this week as script writing, fan reactions, gun control, and the upcoming movie, “Wolverine.” As always, talking to Brock is a blast, so come join us!”

You can listen to the whole show right here or just search for “Tall Tale Radio” on iTunes!

(And please, if you enjoyed the show (or even if you didn’t), leave Tom a comment over at the site, won’t you? He deserves a little somethin’ for all his hard work.)


Today sees the debut of the Society of Heroes’ opposite–The Lodge of Doom.  You’ve heard about its existence for a few months now, so I hope you enjoy them in full.  Some of the characters, like Dr. Rocket, Mr. Crook (designed by Mike Hartigan), and the Thrice Evil you’ve already seen.  The Pink Shade is a character that’s been mentioned a couple of times, but she, along with brand new characters Soviet Sam and Jimmy Go Dead had to designed from scratch by TL Collins.  I think he did a fantastic job of making it look like all the characters came from the same brain, visually.

The rest of this story is essentially The Society of Heroes vs. The Lodge of Doom, but there’s a big twist coming in page 13, so look out!

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 205!


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