There’s no way to overstate how big a domino just fell in today’s strip. Soviet Sam and Space Pig are just catching up to a valuable piece of intel that was dropped on you, the reader, waaaaaaaay back in strip 100. I made a choice back then to reveal something to the reader that none of the characters knew about. Then, several chapter later, I did it again. Everything I know about storytelling tells me that that is not how you reveal things. It puts the characters at a disadvantage and it can be frustrating for readers to be so many steps ahead of them.

I admit I was attracted by this idea that you SHOULDN’T do something. I wanted to see, in all of my hubris, if I could do the thing that is not done and make it work. I hoped there would be a new tension that could arise from the knowing. If you know a hammer is going to fall, but you don’t know when and how, isn’t that just as exciting as a shocking revelation? I’ve hoped so. I hope the characters haven’t been sacrificed for the sake of a different kind of tension. I wonder how SuperFogeys would read if you took out the two strips linked above and all references to them. I tend to think it would be a frustrating experience.*

Of course, we are quickly headed towards a time when none of this will matter. The cards are edging closer to the table and what is now hidden is about to be cast into a blazing light.

*None of which is to say that the way I’ve told this story is the only way. I absolutely could have followed the rules and only revealed things as the characters found them out. That would have been quite a different experience from the one you’ve had so far, but I made a different choice. All I’m doing is acknowledging that. It’s up to you whether or not it was a good one.