Remind me never to do a triple-sized again.  In fact, this burned me out so much that not a single double or triple-sized strip appeared in all of Chapter 4.
I had been waiting a long time to do this one.  I knew from before the beginning of Chapter 2 that the Third Man and Dr. Klein were the same guy.  There were many clues along the way, perhaps the biggest of which was the fact that, all the way back in Episode 55, when people talk to the Third Man in the Valhalla hallways it’s always next to a picture of Dr. Klein.  It’s almost like they’re talking to the picture itself, which isn’t that far off.
I tried to drive the point home by repeating the panel again here in #100, but I still think a lot of people missed it.
Obviously, Dr. Klein has a plan.  That plan is known to me and has been since the beginning.  All will be revealed eventually.  I even know exactly when.