It’s been a long, long time since a strip has been tagged as “Bubbles of Light.” What the heck are Bubbles of Light? Here’s a tip: click on the tag below to see a good compilation of all the most important strips involving the Bubbles of Light. Once you’ve done that, come on back here to read the next paragraph.


Okay, welcome back. Several chapters back, Future Swifty told a story to his present day self about the first time the Bubbles of Light enveloped him. At the time, the tale he told seemed to take place in the distant future. Now… well, now how far away do you think it is?

Any of you ever had a chance to check out Comixology? (It’s a way to read comics–all kind of comics, including current, in store titles–on your computer or mobile device. )I recently bought a X-Men trade on the service and was impressed by how enjoyable it was to read it on my iPad. Looking like SuperFogeys will be making its debut on Comixology in the near future. Details coming (hopefully) soon!