We’re back! I know this has been a bummer of a wait for you all to get to this new chapter, Chapter 17 – Invasion, Pt. 4: The End of Lies, but your patience is much appreciated. Circumstances in the past year amazingly allowed my wife and I to go to Europe for a couple weeks (this just in: Europe is awesome–we spent most of our time in Germany, but also made it over to Austria and the UK) and that kind of absence means SF had to come to a halt for a bit. Marc has been a trooper though, holding down the fort and even cranking out a blog post while I was gone. If you haven’t already seen his take on The Greatest American Hero, you must do so now.

I know I say this about every chapter, but I am REALLY excited about this one. I’ve never had a harder time breaking a story and that’s due entirely to how important the things that go down in this chapter and the pressure I put on myself to get it RIGHT. As per usual, whether I did or not is up to you, but I have good feelings going into this. The best part? It’s all building up to what I think is probably the most shocking chapter ending we’ve ever done. Well… maybe not as shocking as this one, but it’s up there!

A word about today’s strip: If you’re looking at the above strip and scratching your head and wondering who that lady is, then you’re either a new reader or have a hazy memory. Either way, she’s someone we haven’t seen in a while and your head scratching is nothing to be alarmed about. To see her first appearance look no further than right here (that probably won’t satisfy your curiosity, so you should probably check out this strip as well). She last appeared right here and everything you need to know about her happened in between. Happy reading!

See you on Wednesday!