Welcome to a new chapter–and a new era–of The SuperFogeys! I’m sure a lot of you are still reeling from the revelation of our jump to one year later on Monday, but we’re not wasting any time here. We gotta dive into this new world, and first up is a villain I’ve wanted to bring back every since his one panel cameo a couple years ago–Suckface! Say the name out loud. Try not to laugh.

If you saw/heard my interview with Kurt Sasso all about One Year Later, then you know I can barely say Suckface with a straight face, but the dude is actually a villain I’m really excited about. He’s kind of weird, kind of vulgar, and way cool. I mean, he’s got a black hole for a mouth. How does he talk? Let your imagination be your guide. (My take: in his belly are mini galaxies populated with beings whose worship and prayers are heavily, psychically influenced by their host. Their songs are his mind made audible, and since the galaxies are small and time is relative, they sing at the speed of Suckface’s thoughts. Just one theory.)

Lots of little nuggets in today’s strip, and lots more to come. Hope you guys have fun chewing on them. As Bob pointed out on Monday, all of this was pretty much predicted by a strip from almost a year ago. You never know what seeds we’re planting. But you knew that.

We don’t ask for money much around here (well, save for the ever-present Donation button to the left [all of it goes to Marc--I get nothing]), so what do you think about sharing SF with just one friend this week? One Year Later is the perfect jumping on point and I’d hate to see it go to waste!