Sorry about that folks! The site was down over the weekend, but it’s all back up and running now. Thanks for your patience!

As for today’s strip… we’re really setting the stage here. Thrice Evil is a different kind of bad guy from Zurida, and his Lodge of Doom are a different kind of cronies. A little big grosser, if you will. I wanted to show that off a little before we get to the meat of this chapter.


Suckface (big blue guy, black hole for a mouth) and Master Masticate (tribal mask wearin’ dude, likes to eat people) are, of course, alternate versions of the ones we know from Earth-Abaddon. Our Suckface is one of Zurida’s lieutenants (so… where is he?), while our Master Masticate was killed by Tangerine back in the 1960′s. The handmaidens attending them are ladies we’ve never seen before, but their appearance clearly indicates they are part of Zurida’s people. As William already noted in the comments on Patreon… they are shorn of all their hair while Zurida has the most luxurious mane of all the SuperFogeys.

See you on Wednesday with 737 – Dastard Number Two!