Writing this kind of on the fly as my presence is due elsewhere in about half an hour (he said, to the interest of no one). A lot of you had some questions a couple days ago about stuff that hearkens back to the early days of the strip and I didn’t do a very good job supporting you. I try to put in relevant links in this comments because I don’t people to be in the dark on things that have already been shown outright in SF and SFO. Be sure and click back to the previous strip to see the small update I did with a link to the set of strips that explained what Captain Spectacular meant about being in prison for 2,500 years.

In that same spirit, the last panel of today’s strip features a character we haven’t seen since for a little while, The Money Man. This isn’t his first time in Zurida’s palace. You can see Money Man’s origin right here, and the story of his death (!) right here. He’s an important figure in the SF universe and you’d do well to get acquainted.

So… how’s everybody feeling about One Year Later so far? It’s a big change and you’re allowed to not like it as much, but I’m curious. Can a comic you like change this much and you’re basically okay with it, or did you like things better the way they were? What say you?