Gorgeous Guy by Marc Lapierre

A lot of people guessed pretty quickly that the guy hanging out at Zurida’s feet was the former (and thought dead) Captain Spectacular II. There’s a lot we still don’t know about this guy, but we do know that he’s a self-righteous bum who’d rather drink tea than fight evil with powers strikingly similar to Captain Spectacular (the first one).

All the way to the eleventh hour Cap II was meant for Spy Gal’s team in New California. My thinking at the time was that he’d be humbled by the death of his team and would want to atone for past sins. This was the direction the character was going in all the way up to when Marc was conceiving the character’s new look just before drawing SF 570. The design was great, but when I saw CSII standing like that (which fit the new personality Marc was drawing to), I thought of Soviet Sam. And I didn’t want to write another Soviet Sam because we’ve already got one of those. I realized my entire conception of the character was me repeating myself and it wasn’t interesting and most importantly…

…it didn’t fit. CSII has always been kind of an oblivious character, valuing his comfort and social mores and conventions far more than anything else. A guy like that would positively thrive under a regime like Zurida’s–especially as a living, breathing PR stunt. Thus, CSII was rechristened Gorgeous Guy–the public figure of approval for the new regime and a regular on the talk show circuit. The idea made me laugh and it was far more interesting than a Soviet Sam retread.

Given his position, I don’t think we’ll see Gorgeous Guy in this outfit all the time. It’s not really a uniform and I look forward to seeing what else Marc can come up with for him that’s fashionable. As we’ve already seen, Gorgeous Guy’s look is of primary importance to him. Expect us to have some fun with that.