Okay, this is just too weird not to share.

There I am, just minding my own business at work and taking a brief break to check out Facebook. I notice that my wife has posted something new. I look closely.  I can’t be seeing what I’m actually seeing, can I?  I click on the photo to make it bigger:

Yes, that’s a peacock. In my backyard. How do you know it’s my backyard?  Because that’s my daughter Dictator Tot on the swing in the background.  Did it fly into our backyard by mistake? No. Are we keeping it for a friend?  No. Is the zoo full?  No.

That peacock is our new pet.

My wife’s brother was doing some work out at the Japanese Garden at the local park and where they have an abundance of peacocks.  So many that they told him “If you can catch one, it’s yours.”  He called his sister and the next thing you know, we have a pet peacock named Aristotle.

For those of you not in the know, we now have a dog named Plato, a cat named Socrates and a peacock named Artistotle. I swear I’m not THAT pretentious.


So, I’ve finally started thinking about what the next origins should be. This Society of Heroes origin we’ve been doing for a while now ends with page 22 and I don’t really mean for the origins to be so long.  I’d really like to get back to shorter, 2 or 3 page stories.

TL is a little wiped out. He still does his very funny and fantastic webcomic, Bullfinch, on a thrice-weekly basis.  Adding a full page SFO on top of that makes for a lot of comicking in one week.  So, he’ll be taking a bit of a break–5 weeks to be exact.

I put my feelers out, looking for another artist that might want to pitch in. I’m not ready to announce who answered the call yet, but I think I got a good one. Oddly enough, he’d never read the SuperFogeys before Dog Eat Doug’s Brian Anderson approached him on my behalf, but he said “yes” anyway.

The origin he’ll be tackling is Tangerine’s. (Right now, a bunch of you are cheering. An equal number of you are booing) Really excited about that one. Don’t want to say too much and spoil it.  Stay tuned for more details. As we get closer, I’ll be announcing the name of the artist. You guys are gonna freak when you find out who it is.

See you this Thursday with SuperFogeys 211 – the beginning of Chapter 7, “Visiting Day!”


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