If you’re just joining us, this is part two of the DIRECT SuperFogeys prequel, Operation: Valhalla. This is actually the first true appearance of the Third Man as this story came out in print before his online appearance in Chapter 3, “The Techno Shuffle.”

We’ve also seen that this was not the last time the Third Man contacted the Society of Heroes in this way, as seen here.

Of course, the Third Man has two other identities as we found out last week. You can see the reveal of the first one here and theBIG reveal of the second one here!


One of the things I tried to do in the big lead-up to the reveal last week was to hype it up as much as possible. I was all over Twitter, Facebook, other webcomic sites–everywhere. I wanted to let people know that this was gonna be a real game changer. Some SuperFans really got into it and created the hastag #fakesuperfogeysspoilers on Twitter and started making up their own versions of what might be coming. It looked like so much fun that I even joined in.

Presented here, for your reading enjoyment, are some of my favorites:

@scottking: Space Pig reveals himself to not be a pig at all, but instead a SPACE HOG!

@brockheasley: Valhalla is really VALHALLA! They’re all dead!

@scottking: It’s revealed that Dr. Rocket really has an Associates Degree! dun dun dunnnnnn!

@scottking: Captain Spectacular wakes up in bed next to Suzanne Pleshette and realizes everything has just been a bad dream.

@brockheasley: Jerry discovers that Captain Spectacular was really his more suave alter ego the whole time.

@brockheasley: Dr. Rocket did it thirty-five minutes ago.

@Frumph: Swifty is his own father.

@talltaleradio: “SuperFogeys Crying Game.” Spy Gal undresses to reveal she’s really Spy Guy.

@brockheasley: Everyone hugs and sits down for a nice roasted ham dinner, courtesy of Space Pig.

@tmcelmurry: The Bubbles of Light are a bi-product of Space Pig that is revealed after he eats a Super Burrito.

@Vertigo_X: Spy Gal can’t get in touch with her inner feelings because her thoughts phase with her.

@supertemps: Due to several failed attempts to return to his own timeline, they’re all Mega Matt. Except for Mega Matt.

@ucbmoose: The Bubbles of Light are just tiny glitches in the matrix.

@brockheasley: The door closes as Swifty holds court with the assembled villains and Star Maiden looks on, sadly.

@krheasley: Space pig got a dose of his own medicine; everything we’ve seen is part of his elaborate dream.

See you tomorrow with Operation: Valhalla #3!