If we’ve done our job right, today’s post is not quite what you were expecting. I’ve been touting SF 500 for weeks now as a gigantic update–and it certainly is at quadruple the normal size–but the scope of the tale is actually quite intimate, not unlike SF 300 a couple years back. This is, simply, the one in which Captain Spectacular finds out. This is a moment we’ve been building to for a while, but it’s hardly the end of things. It’s not even the end of this chapter!

If you’re new to SuperFogeys or a casual reader, you might be wondering who that guy is in the last panel. Might I suggest clicking here? You’ll be glad you did.

There’s no question hitting 500 strips is a big freakin’ deal. Another reason SF 300 is special is that it marked the last time I produced the regular strip by myself. Since then, over the course of the past 200 strips, the incomparable Marc Lapierre has taken over art chores and done an incredible job keeping this ship not only running, but on time. I really was going to end it if I couldn’t find someone else. Luckily, I found the absolute perfect partner. Marc came in wanting to hew closely to my stylistic choices and then, over time, he made it his own. Now, when I think of SF, it’s his art style I picture. His contribution can’t be overstated. If you’ve been enjoying SF the past couple years, you have him to thank.

All that said… you may notice the art looks just a little bit different today. With an update this big, I wanted to help out in any way I could on the art. Marc pencilled today’s strip, but then I went ahead and inked it. What you’re seeing is a sort of amalgamation between our styles. I think it looks pretty cool, and hopefully it’s not too jarring. Marc is back in full force with the next strip, 501.

I want to thank you guys, too. Without your constant participation and interest, this simply would not be worth doing. From your comments to the support for the SuperFogeys Sourcebook & Adventure Game (coming soon!), you keep us going and you keep it interesting. I love it when you love the strip, and I love it when you hate it. Either way, I enjoy the conversation we share. Let’s keep it going!

Don’t forget–we’re taking a week off next week! I know this is a heckuva cliffhanger to leave you guys on, but Marc busted his butt to get this giant update done on time and needs to clear out some commission work and other things he fell behind on as a consequence. So, a reminder: next week is Fan Art Week! Send any and all fan art to me at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com and I will run as much as I get all next week. Will anyone dare attempt old man Money Man? Will Zurida finally get her first fan art? Which version of Jerry do YOU want to draw? Whatever it is, I wanna see it!