This is maybe one of the most economical and tragic things I’ve ever written.  Really, the intent was to begin really breaking down Tangerine’s character, but Captain Spectacular got swept up in that tide as well as we see his fatal character flaw—when things are going well, the Captain does just fine. When things aren’t going so well…he falls apart.

What I like about this strip is that what seemed like a nice gesture in the previous strip—Tangerine accepting the Captain and not judging him like so many others have—turns out to be something a little more sinister. Is Tangerine really the Captain’s friend or does he just want a drinking buddy? It’s hard to tell.  I know my friends would never let me betray my family in such a way.  Of course, how far the Captain took it is up to the reader, as it should be.

I was honored to have this strip written about by SuperFogeys superfan Michael Johnston, a cadet at West Point at the time in a paper entitled “Rhetorical Analysis.”


Today my interview with the fine gentlemen at the Comics Coast to Coast Podcast goes live, Episode 53. This is one of the most favorite interviews I’ve done. We covered a variety of topics, even touching on the influence religion has on my life and work.

Big thanks to Brian Dunaway, Justin Thompson and Tom Racine for having me on. When the prior guest list has included such fine folk as Tim Bradstreet (covers for “Punisher” and many, many others), Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine), Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug) and Wes Molebash (You’ll Have That), it is truly an honor.

Important Note About Recent Shipment of SuperFogeys Books

Great news! The books have shipped out to all of you that ordered! Thanks so much for your support of Book 3! I can honestly say that I think each book has been better than the last, and this one is no exception.

One thing about those of you that have already ordered–you’re probably going to get an email that says something like “Shipment Delivered.” Obviously, this is not quite so. What it’s supposed to say is something like “Shipment Shipped” or something a little less alliterative. You get the point. It’s just a store error, nothing to worry about.

Baltimore Comic-Con

Th3rd World Studios was strong and proud at the Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! I heard rumors of SF t-shirts floating about…how odd… Plus, even though I couldn’t be there, the Space Pig apparently was…

See you on Thursday! (This strip should give you plenty to chew on until then…)