I had to do a bit of a storytelling shuffle to keep Tangerine away from Dr. Rocket until this point in the story. I love his entrance here. In particular, I loved doing the growling drawing of Tangerine. The red color isn’t meant to suggest that Tangerine can actually turn red—it’s just an artistic choice.


Voting is now open in the first annual Webcomics Reader’s Choice Awards.  The WCRA’s are hosted by the fantastic webomic list  Public voting continues for the next two weeks, through October 14th.  After that, a panel of judges take over and choose from the top three vote-getters in each category which of them will win.  Judges include Steve Hamaker (Colorist of the Complete Bone Adventures) and JT Shea (host of the Gigcast).

The SuperFogeys are nominated in FIVE categories, including best:



Design (as in website design)

Author Congeniality

Supporting Character (Space Pig)

SF needs your support!  Right now SF is doing well in some categories, not as well in some of the others.  If you have a minute, please head on over to the WCRA’s to cast your vote.  All it takes is a quick registration and then you’re off to clicky clicky land and you’re done.  Remember, only the TOP THREE vote-getters go before the judges, so let’s help SF rise to the top (or at least very near it).

The Comics Coast to Coast Interview

…was not posted on Tuesday.  Brian Dunaway, host and editor of Comics Coast to Coast fell ill this week, along with his entire family.  He was not able to put the show together in time for Tuesday, but by the time you read this it should be up.

Head on over to Comics Coast to Coast to hear me pontificate on all the things SF, the new website, Book 3, the current SF storyline and…religion?  Honestly, probably my most favorite interview I’ve done.  Should be a good listen.

Next Week:

Dr. Rocket better run (squirrel) and help arrives from a most unexpected source.