Hey, welcome back to another week of Chapter 20. What’s everybody think of Chapter 20 so far? One of my goals for this chapter was to get the Fogeys back into each other’s orbits so they could talk to each other and interact. The gap year really sent everyone to the four winds and that’s just not as fun as when these characters get to be together. So, there’s a bit of moving people around going on and that’s primarily for that purpose–to bring people closer together.

Jerry and Cap? Absolutely a conversation I, personally wanted to see. It was time and we got there and it happened. Jerry and Money Man? Think of it as a sequel to the Jerry and Cap conversation. There are other conversations coming up that I see as really vital and pointing the way towards the next several chapters. See if you can spot ‘em as they come.


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See you on Wednesday with 662 – “Lazy Villainy”