Didja’ hear?  Mike Witmer has moved his great, abso-stinkin’ hilarious webcomic Pinkerton over to Th3rd World.  Now, Pinkerton has been with Th3rd World for a few months now, but last week Mike finally make the big move of making Th3rd World the exclusive spot for all things Pinkerton.

The best part? Pinkerton is not only super funny, it’s also a five times a week, Monday through Friday.  Mike’s a workhorse and a true talent. You can always access Pinkerton to the left, under the “We Have Worlds” header.

Th3rd World is VERY selective about which comics it invites to be a part of the family.  Pinkerton more than lives up to the honor.

Dr. Rocket Tributes

Over in the forums, there’s a really nice thread that pays tribute to the life,times and death of Dr. Rocket.  In it, you’ll find haikus, limericks–even links to readers’ favorite Dr. Rocket moments.  It’s a good, funny read.  You guys are way more creative than me and this proves it.

Vote. It’s Something People Have Died and Passed Out Stickers For.

I’m voting today, are you?  It’s important that, if you’re a U.S. citizen, you get out there!  Get your sticker!

Originally, in this space, I wrote a short piece about who and what I’m voting for.  Then, after writing it, it occurred to me that these author’s comments might not be the best place for such a thing.  Still, if you’re at all interested in who and what I’m voting for (and, really, why would you be?), feel free to check out my latest blog post.  That is all.