I love bad parenting! It’s the best!

This strip is interesting because moments before I posted it a day early for SF Patrons on Patreon, I added some additional dialogue. I just didn’t think it was as clear as it could be. Anyone care to guess what the last minute addition is (Marc knows, as the lettered version I sent along to him didn’t have it)?


I’m losing my hair, and it sucks. Decided to stop pretending otherwise change my hairstyle over to a full shave a few weeks ago. Took some pics last night, thinking about doing a blog post on it over at my personal site. Anyone else have this issue? The combover is pretty much extinct at this point, right? I’m having a hard time getting used to it, but here’s hoping my naked head isn’t too terrible. Those of you with hair: congratulations.

See you on Monday with 690 – “Name Calling!”