Arachno is supposed to be an analogue to Spider-Man.  He’s probably too dead-on in name to every make an actual appearance, but he provides a good shorthand here to illustrate just how unusual the public turning against him was to the Captain.


This week marks the 2-year anniversary of both the creation of SF and the posting of the first strip! Man, I can’t believe it’s been that long. That’s just insane. Next year is going to be very, VERY interesting for longtime fans.

Baltimore Comic-Con

Hey, the big Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend. If any of you are headed that way, be sure and stop by the Th3r World booth and see what’s goin’ on. All three SF books will be on sale and you might fight a few other goodies as well. I won’t be there, unfortunately, but Mike Witmer of Pinkerton certainly will, along with the Th3rd World crew. My goal is to get out to some cons this next year. Here’s crossing my fingers!

SF Forum Happenings

Been some interesting discussions in the forum the past couple of days, including a discussion of the villainy of Tangerine and whether or not SF should be considered a “success.” I’m in a weird place right now, and I kind of just put it all out there. Bear that in mind as you read it.

Next Week:

An unflattering portrait of Captain Spectacular and someone at Valhalla reeeeeally wishes Tangerine hadn’t come around.