When I created Tangerine about two years prior to the strips on this page being drawn, this strip and the one above were in my original notes. Tangerine’s entire personality was then extrapolated from these two conversations with Jerry.

The Pink Shade is a character that gets referenced now and again, but her actual first appearance was in the SuperFogeys Origins story, The Society of Heroes.


Last week was the pre-launch of this here  In case you missed it, on each weekday I posted new SF material (the two regular installments of the newest chapter and 3 preview pages from “Cellmates,” the exclusive-to-print bonus story found only in third SuperFogeys collection) and broke down the features of the new site.  Click on the “Previous” button to check it out.

Talkin’ and Podcastin’

Last Friday I linked you to my latest Gigcast interview which can still be found here.  Also last week, I recorded an interview with the guys over atComics Coast to Coast.  We talked about a lot of different things, including SF, my all-time favorite movie and…religion?  Uh oh.

I think it’s gonna be another week before that one goes live, so stay tuned.

Short SuperFogeys Write-up

SF got a bit of attention today from the crazies over at the insane espionage comic “Eben07.”  Check it out!

The Emmys

Did you see that train wreck?  Wow.  I was so, so uncomfortable any time the hosts–five of them pulled from their respective reality shows–were onscreen.  I’d have almost thought it was a bit for that sort of awkward comedy that’s so terribly funny and in vogue right now if Ricky Gervaishadn’t gotten up to present an award and show them how it’s done.

I was glad to see Mad Men, 30 Rock and John Adams pick up so many awards.  Those are three of the four best things I saw on television this past year and it was good to see quality get recognized.  Unfortunately, Michael Emerson lost for LOST.  I suppose that was a bit of symmetry that couldn’t be avoided.

But you know who stole the show for me?  Josh Groban.  I’m no fan of the man’s music, but I howled during his performance of 40-60 TV show themes.  Classic.


Extra update for you tomorrow, a collaboration between my wife and I.  It was a bit of a lark that turned into something special.  Kind of like SF itself.  Don’t miss it.