Yes, that is my wife in the comic up above.  I suppose this deserves a bit of explanation.

We just got our new Mac a couple week ago.  Macs are new to Erin and she was playing with the photo booth feature.  She sent me one photo of herself (the one that constitutes the sixth panel, I believe) with the caption “I can do comics too!” She put a comic book filter on it, you see.  I wrote her back and asked her to send me a few more and maybe we could put them together and make a little comic out of them.

So, she took about 9 more random pictures and I just kind of stared at them for a while (cuz she pretty) until an order and a story started to emerge.  I hit on the idea of her yelling at me about Spy Gal’s (ahem) proportions based on an actual conversation we had a few weeks ago when the strip in question (#145 – Wrinkly Butt) first saw the light.  Nearly every line is taken from things Erin has said to me, with the notable exception of her negative attitude towards SuperFogeys, which she actually quite enjoys.  Doesn’t stop her from being critical though!

She was a good sport and approved the first draft.  From the first picture taken to the final product was about an hour, hour and a half.  It was great fun.

And yes, I’m fully aware that I married “up.”  Erin says anyone looks good with a filter, but I disagree.  She’s flippin’ hot.

Hope you enjoyed this brief indulgence.  Regular story resumes at its regular time tomorrow!