Chapter 6, “Funeral for a Frenemy” is over! The Dr. Rocket we knew was really the impostor Herman! The real Dr. Rocket is back! So…now what?  What happens in “Visiting Day?”  I cannot tell, but I can tease…

Spoiler Alert! Skip to the next section of the post if you want to know nothing about Chapter 7!!!

“Visiting Day” is the day when all the friends and family of the Fogeys are invited to come to Valhalla to see their loved (or not-so-loved) ones. You’ll get to meet some of the near-and-dears of nearly all of the Fogeys (nearly?) and the identity of some of them will surprise you.

That’s right, characters we’ve seen previously will be revealed as blood relatives of the Fogeys.

Expect a loose end from Chapter 2 to be tied up. Also, a crossover with SuperFogeys Origins: The Society of Heroes. Plus, remember that devil’s bargain the Third Man struck with Dr. Rocket at the end of Chapter 6? You’ll find out exactly what the Third Man agreed to do so reluctantly.

In the grand tradition of Dictator Tot being based on my oldest daughter, Elora, my youngest daughter, Cami, will be showing up in Chapter 7–but not under an alias! How will that work?

The line “We just think you’re fabulous. Especially with a shirt” will be uttered.

I will draw close to the shark, but I will attempt to not jump it. I will lose readers because of it, but those who keep the faith will be rewarded.

Lastly–and I’m going out on a limb here–I’m gonna say that Swifty will be rude to someone and that you will laugh.

See you next week.


Covers and I don’t get along very well.  The cover to Collection #1 was a quick and dirty operation that shows my severe misunderstanding of perspective and proportion, but is still kind of iconic in its own way being that it contains nearly all the characters at once.

Collection #2 was a fun cover just because I got to do what I feel I do best–draw faces.  Still, it felt like a cop-out because I didn’t really challenge myself…and the one thing that isn’t a face–the computer monitor–is way, way too small.  Again, proportion.

When it came to cover #3, I completely froze up.  I had no idea what to do and I had no time to do it in.  So, I asked Th3rd World if they knew of an artist that might be willing to help out a little and the extremely kind and talented Jorzac pitched in with the pencils for me to ink. Love Dictator Tot on that one.

Cover #4 had the longest production time, but needlessly so.  I did the initial sketch in December but was not even remotely happy with it. Something about the spatial relationship of the characters in the background with Dr. Rocket just didn’t seem right to me, but I could not figure out how to fix it. Months went by until finally, in March, I just said “screw it” and inked my original pencils with no changes.  It’s a beaut of a cover now, but make no mistake–it was saved entirely by some phenomenal coloring by MAD Conk.

And so, now here we are at #5. On Friday I had an idea, googled some reference. Monday I did a rough pencil sketch. Tuesday I polished the pencils and inked it. Wednesday I scanned it and cleaned it up and here we are.  I didn’t stress, I just did it.  The idea came and I ran with it.  It still needs to colored, obviously, but (as of this moment anyway) I think this might be favorite of the bunch.  And you can’t even see any faces! In taking away my strength, I was forced to work harder and find other strengths.

The moral of the story? Duh: I need to draw more butts into my covers.

Update 5/2011 - Sadly, this cover was never completed as SuperFogeys shifted to the trade format and the regular comic book format was abandoned.


Normally, this would be when I announce the pre-orders for the next collection. However…I think I learned my lesson with the last one.  From now on, no more pre-orders until the book is completely ready to go.  My sincerest apologies to those who have had to wait so long in the past.


…Then you missed the full blown posting of the SuperFogeys Intro page I did for Free Comic Book Day.  You can still see it here, and, please pass it along to your friends as a way to show them what SF is all about!


SuperFogeys Origins: Society of Heroes continues on Tuesday with Mega Matt sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. On Thursday, Chapter 7, “Visiting Day” begins! Don’t miss it!


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