Finally we’re back to the Fogeys.  It was a conscious decision on my part to not have the Fogeys enter the stage for so many strips—six, to be exact.  I wanted to try something new.  Re-energize myself.  I found I really missed them and the strip seems to come alive when they’re “on screen.”

I know the type on the poster in the second panel is hard to read (but it won’t be in the eventual printed collection of Chapter 3).  Here’s what it says for those who have been straining:

Valhalla Staff Presents:


6pm Tonight

• Learn all about the internets
from a very special guest!

•Create your very own
Webspace account!

• Play sports on the new Uss
video game system!

As you can see, the text serves as a sort of preview of what you can expect over the course of this chapter (and the next one, actually).  WebSpace is my stand-in for MySpace, and the “Uss video game system” is, essentially, the Nintendo Wii.

Captain Spectacular’s fear here is a common one for people of a certain age.  What I was trying to do with this strip was to invert the reasons for that fear.  Instead of our computers being too advanced for him, they’re too primitive.  Same result, different angle.