Something I’m starting to return to that I haven’t really done since Chapter 1 is repeated panels, something I swore off of (for the most part) for Chapter 2.  The difference now is that it’s not a crutch.  I truly feel that this strip (and the next one, for that matter) was best served by the repetition.

Some people think I’m digging at Penny Arcade (one of the most popular webcomics out there) here.  I’m really not.  When I wrote this I had just discovered the blog “Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad” and they did a write-up on an abomination of a webcomic called “Hookie Dookie Panic!” (which I will not link to for fear that you will go read it—it’s depraved and entirely inappropriate, don’t even Google it) which is essentially the comic Dr. Rocket is describing.  However, the two-guys-who-play-video-games-all-day is such a pervasive “genre” of webcomics that it felt appropriate for lampooning in general.

Gene’s reaction in the last panel should tell you just how terribly ubiquitous that type of webcomic is.