461 – He Escaped

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  1. Tyler Heasley

    Clearly, Jerry is leaving to have a word with Dr. Klein.

  2. gnrrrg

    Jerry making a hole isn’t as impressive as Percy or Zurida.

  3. Sam

    Jerry you are a coward, leaving your good friend to get pummeled by Zurida is just low even for you. Love the artwork and the dialog in this strip.

  4. Quin

    And now the crashing decent into turning into a super villain for Jerry. The two people who know all of his secerts have escaped. One with his father and the other half way to cuba. A bunch of aliens out to kill him when they find out he has exactly what they want… and a growing need to protect the life he cheated his way into. All that is missing is a death and a monolog.

  5. CartoonistWill

    TO CUBA!!! lol

  6. Bender_Sastre

    How far you’ve fallen, Wilbur. Getting wussily defeated by a woman without even landing your first, last, and only blow.

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