The SuperFogeys Adventure Game by Team Frog Studios -- Kicktraq Mini

As you  can see above, we’re in the home stretch for the Kickstarter. Little over two days left. As you can also see, we’ve lost a few backers of late. I’m told every Kickstarter experiences this. Not everyone has the cash they think they will when it’s time to pay up. Still, at this point, it would be nice if we could make up the difference with some new, last minute backers. Is that you?

As an incentive, a major change to the remaining stretch goals was made in the last day or so–anyone who has pledged at the ‘Hero’ level ($30) or greater will receive all stretch goal rewards for FREE. Provided we reach them. As of this writing, we’re about $400 away from free Spy Gal minis for just about everyone. How cool is that?

If you’re still on the fence… bear this in mind… once this stuff is made and ready to be shipped out, it will all be available for purchase, but it’s only going to cost you more at that point. This really is the best time to purchase the Sourcebook & Adventure Game and the minis. The Kickstarter ends on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 4pm! 

As for  today’s strip… Marc packed a lot of story into these panels. Every move each of the characters makes says so much about who they are where their head is at at this particular moment. Strip comics really are the devil’s bargain of storytelling, but Marc pulls it off week in and week out, making it all look effortless. Just look at Jerry. Today’s big question: Where do you think he’s going?