UPDATE! Our return date has been postponed… but only by one week. We’ll see you all back here on Monday, January 8th! Meantime, Happy New Year!

Ever wondered what happened to all of Captain Spectacular’s money? Well, now you know! This conversation is a real blast from the past. It seems so, so long ago since the Fogeys battled that giant robot on the streets of Las Vegas. A LOT has changed since then. A whole heckuva lot.


I don’t know if everyone saw it, but Monday’s strip, “The Big Slap” generated a small amount of controversy. It seems that half of you felt like Jerry finally got was coming to him, while the other half felt like Spy Gal crossed a line. I loved the debate and certainly have my thoughts (which I offered up in part). If you haven’t weighed in, go for it! It’s a more than worthy topic as SuperFogeys heads into its final chapters. If you think the story we’re telling here is always, always going to come back to Jerry in some way… well, you’re right.


Our Christmas hiatus is coming a bit earlier this year for one very special, unfortunate reason… Marc’s Cintiq is broke! For those of you who don’t know, The SuperFogeys has been all digital for a the past couple of years and with Marc’s major piece of hardware (and the source of his livelihood in for repairs for the next few weeks, we figured we’d just start our regular Christmas break a little earlier than usual. It’s unfortunate, but we hope everyone can understand. We’ll return on January 1st, 2018.

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As always, with the Christmas Hiatus upon us we are more than welcoming to fan art and guest strips. Got something you’d like to submit? Send it along to us at superfogeys@gmail.com! Just remember: keep it G to PG-13 please. No graphic violence, sex, or language. Thank you!

See you on Monday, January 1st 2018 with 752 – “Like Jerry!”