Surprise! We’re back! I know, I know… usually we do a big rollout and make announcements and all of that. This time around, I figured let’s not tease it… let’s just do it. Let’s just launch out of the blue and rip that band-aid off immediately. Everybody cool with that? Cool.


The Society of Heroes–our Fogeys freed from the confines of their retirement in Valhalla–is working like crazy to take back the world from the villainous Zurida. But now, a new threat has arrived from Earth-Avalon (a utopian alternate Earth), The Thrice Evil! On the Fogeys’ world, Thrice Evil is a weak, brain-addled old man, but on Earth-Avalon he is a violent cruel despot looking for a win anywhere he can find it.

Using Jerry’s latent powers to traverse dimensions, this Alternate Thrice Evil has arrived with his Lodge of Doom to sit by Zurida’s side and finally rule a world of his own. In the ensuing battle, both his world’s Money Man and the Fogeys’ own Tangerine have fallen–the latter at the hand of an undercover Dr. Rocket!

However, hot on the Thrice Evil’s heels was his world’s Society of Heroes, alternate, still-active versions of the Fogeys we know and love! They battled and chased Thrice Evil and Zurida off and back to Washington D.Z., but the war is far from over…

CHAPTER 22 of 25

So, here were are with Chapter 22 of the SuperFogeys–”The Dastards!” A “dastard” is defined as “dishonorable or despicable person.” I think it’s going to become very clear very quickly who our two dastards are in this chapter. You’ve got one right up there in this very first strip. Any guesses as to the second?

Of course, with this chapter, we are growing ever nearer to the end of our saga. Chapter 25, that’s our end point. With this chapter, some of the seeds for that ending are planted in a very specific way. I’ve always known how SF would end and, while it will make me said, completing this story has always been the goal and both Marc and I are committed to hitting it…. despite our sometimes long hiatuses. Thanks for sticking with us! Speaking of which…


Unfortunately, one of the byproducts of taking these hiatuses is that we inevitably lose some readers. It sucks, but it happens. People forget we’re still here or they lose faith we’re coming back. These past few months in particular, our Patreon campaign really took a hit and we’ve lost some of our patrons. Th3rd World Studios is great about paying the several hundred dollars a month it takes to host SF, but our Patreon is (thus far) the only way either Marc or I receive any help to get SF to you each and every week, twice a week. Mostly, that money is used to buy supplies. ┬áThis isn’t our living, it’s a passion. But even passions need a little funding to keep them going.

Pledging your support on Patreon can cost as little as $1 a month, and every little bit helps. Please head on over to our Pateon page for more details, and hit us up with any questions you might have below! Thank you!


After such a long hiatus, there’s much more to say, but we’ll leave that for another post–including a really cool SF-related announcement.

Anyway, it’s good to be back! How has everyone been? Tell us what you’re up to!

See you on Wednesday with “733 – Honey, I Blew Up the Thrice Evil!”