Annnnd we’re still back! Those of you who have already figured that out, we’re so glad you’re back with us! Please help us spread the word!

I’m interested in seeing what you guys make of today’s strip… or to know if you already figured out a couple days ago what we’re laying down here.


I’ve seen several comments from people about wanting to support us on Patreon but just not being able to afford to do so. Believe me, I get that. As someone who has fallen on hard times financially in the past few years, it’s a struggle that’s very real to me.

I just want to speak to that real quick, however, and explain that with Patreon you really can pay as little as $1/month to help support SF. The way it works is that you are charged each time we post a strip, HOWEVER, you can set a monthly maximum quite easily. Only want to pay $1/strip and only want to pay that once a month? That’s not a problem! You can absolutely do that and it’s easy to make it happen. Just check out our Pateon page for more details. Sign up and give it a whirl.

We need and appreciate your support. You know the old saying, “if enough people donate just one dollar…” and it’s really true in this case. Every single little bit counts. I hate to have to ask, but Marc and I enjoy SF as much as you do (maybe more!) and we want to be able to keep doing it!


Hey, guess what? The SuperFogeys is FINALLY on Instagram! Come check us out and give us a follow!


This is terrible, but I’m sitting on a huge SF announcement and this sentence is only here to tell you that. More later, but I’m too excited not to mention it at least in passing…


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here or not, but I’ve been getting into filmmaking of late. My debut short film, THE SHIFT, is currently making the rounds through film festivals (upcoming: FirstGlance in Philadelphia, Kingdomwood in Georgia, Laughlin International Film Festival, and the Ojai Film Festival). You can only watch the film at the film festivals at this time, but the trailer is online right now. Check it out!

See you on Monday with 734 – Lovely and Darling!