Week 2 of our return! If you haven’t spread the word already, please do. We take such long hiatuses that I know it takes a while for word to get out when we come back.


Some of you picked up what we were laying down last week. If you didn’t already figure it out, it should be pretty clear with today’s update: yes, the Thrice Evil we’ve been following from the start of this chapter is the alternate Thrice Evil from Earth-Avalon. As demonstrated previously, part of Thrice Evil’s powers is the ability to change the perception of those around them to make them see what he wants them to see. His biggest deception is the one he puts on everyone (including you, the reader!) in making himself appear imposing and strong, not frail and thin and old like he really is. It’s a pretty cool power, actually. I wouldn’t make taking a few inches off my waistline without the hassle of working for it!


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