602 – The Legless Speedster

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  1. Gabe

    Oh crap!

  2. Thandrak

    Look at panel 2. Look closely.

    • Chip

      Actually, given the other panels, panel 2 is impossible, even if his knees had been blown off.

      • WGC

        Why? I think panel 2 is telling us that Thrice has caused a hallucination.

        • Romi

          I agree with the illusion theory. The way Thrice is speaking in panel two, it sounds like he’s trying to convince Swifty he’s in pain. It’s sort of how a hypnotist sounds.

  3. SpydirShell

    Uh…. why does he have his legs back in the second frame? Illusion?

    • Bryan (@BryanEW710)
      Bryan (@BryanEW710)

      Thrice zapped his knees only.

  4. Craig L
    Craig L

    I’m guessing Thrice burned off his knees… his lower legs and feet are still there, they just are no longer attached.

    • sheer_falacy

      If you look at his left leg, there’s definitely a knee there. Certainly easier to bring them back if they were never really gone in the first place.

      • gnrrrg

        That’s not a knee, it’s his hand.

        • gnrrrg

          Oops, sorry, you said left.

  5. Marcus

    Bravo, you did the impossible and knocked Swifty down a peg or two. And honestly, he deserved it given his attitude towards the others.

    What if this chapter makes him out to be the traitor he feared all along and not Jerry ? :(

    • devilflamejr

      Wow, that would be grim! Although I’m sure Brock has at least considered it

  6. gnrrrg

    More than meets the eye going on here. What can Swifty do that woul give Thrice a world?

  7. Spike Matthews

    OK, some have spotted the legs in the second panel.
    Me, I’m reckoning they were never blown off. Thrice just made Speedy *think* it had happened – so when Speedy capitulates, it’s easy for Thrice to get the legs back, so to speak. Just cancel the illusion.

    Thrice is finally getting some ‘screen’ time, and it’s great! Looks good, feels nasty. Brilliant stuff, guys!

    • Cyrian

      Completely agree on this one. Especially if you give Swifty’s pose in panel two a closer look. For this posture, Swifty would need to either lift himself up using just his arms or to kneel just the way this panel looks in itself.
      My money is on illusional capabilities of the trident.

    • Chip

      That would make sense…

    • Holaved

      I’ve oft wondered what the trident can do. We’ve seen him with it several times (in flashback comics), but as yet, no explanation of it OR its origins. Not even in the Origin of Thrice Evil.

  8. Cyrian

    The initial plan was to disarm Swifty, but Avalon-Thrice wanted to give it a unique spin!

    I’ll go punish myself now…

    • quarktime

      He’s more…um…dislegged…than disarmed.

      • Jerden

        Let’s just say that if Swifty want’s to complain, then he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

        Of course, he knows exactly what he kneeds to do next.

        Sorry, I’m just getting them out of my system! Don’t kick me!

  9. Andrew

    I’m agreeing with the illusion theory. This Thrice seems to have aged a lot better than his counterpart. Must be clean living :) . My curiosity is also piqued as to why Thrice said about wanting a world to rule. The original universe has other habitable planets so this one should as well. I imagine it would probably be easier to conquer another planet in the same universe than to conquer the same planet in a parallel universe that you have very limited access to. I have the sneaking suspicion that Thrice may not actually be in charge here or there might be a reason he needs a new world. We have all the references to the great menace that’s coming from the other dimension, then Muscles Thrice shows up. Given Brock’s propensity for brilliantly crafted plot twists it could turn out that he might be the one behind the invasion, but that he and the others are trying to escape something else. Obviously, there was a major difference somewhere in the timeline of this dimension, because a whole lot of folks who showed up in Strip 600 were dead in the main universe. If memory serves correct, Thrice’s Demon Mommy (Meredith Baxter, isn’t it?) got taken out by Mr Crook a very long time ago. Even before Master Masticate, Johnny Be Dead and Starbrighter.

  10. Scott

    The illusion is cool, the dialogue is not.

  11. Brock Heasley
    Brock Heasley

    I’ve been enjoying the conversation enough to not get involved. Always fun to see what you guys pick up on and how you interpret it.

  12. quarktime

    We gotta see the Thrices battle one another! Maybe jello wrestling! Yeah!

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