UPDATE! Went ahead and added a piece of art to the store today!  Man, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be!  Just one strip’s pencils right now, but more to come.  Make your requests now!  Check out the pencils to 106!


Okay, I’ve brought this up before, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it.  Will I sell original art?  Yes, I will.  I’ll even do it right away, I just have a few things to figure out.  Maybe you can help me.

First of all, if you are someone who is interested, please let me know.  Setting up an original art shop in the Th3rd World store is something I have the means to do, but I’d like to gauge the interest in it.

Two, are there any strips in particular that you think would be good to offer first?  I think I can guess (and at least one person has claimed SF 175), but if there’s one particular that you think you might want, I’d love to know.

Three, for each SF strip I have a pencil drawing and a final inked drawing.  My thought is to sell them separately, or together at a discount.  Should inked strips be more or less than pencilled ones?

Four, what about pricing?  I know that I need to charge different amounts based on the nature of the strip.  Some strips obviously have more value than others.  But what should be the lowest price?  The highest?  What would you be willing to pay?

I’m just wondering if anyone has thoughts on any of this.  Just trying to weigh opinions so that I can make a decision that’s most beneficial for everyone.

Tall Tale Radio Interviews Norm Feuti!

Be sure and check out this interview with Norm Feuti, creator of the syndicated “Retail” and the new webcomic Gill! Things are always happen’ over at Tall Tale Features, so be sure and check things out.

Next Week:

A double-sized strip that features nearly every character in the SF universe seen so far (why oh why do I do this to myself?) and, if I can get to it, someone has a few words to say about Dr. Rocket…