So little dialogue…so much drawing…and I don’t like any of it.

I’ve gotten slammed in the past for being too critical of my work.  Whenever I get into that mode, people usually do one of two things: either 1) defend my work against me and my wonderful insecurities or 2) tell me that I’m being a complete artwad for even talking like this. As such, I had resolved to not be so critical of myself and stop trying to ruin others’ good fun with what I’m doing with SF.  Examples of this would be the commentaries I’ve been working on for Chapter 5, which thus far do not contain quite as much venom as I had been spewing forth on Chapters 1-4.

But then an episode like the one you see above comes along.  An episode during the creation of which I felt really good about.  And now…now, it’s kind of painful to look at.  My ambition outstripped my talent, I think.  I would normally keep quiet about such things…but I’m just feeling so down on the art for this episode that I feel like if I don’t say something then I’m a complete liar for putting it out there without some sort of qualification.  There’s just a certain refinement to the whole thing that’s…missing.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  It just looked much better in head, I guess.  Too bad.  Could have been really special.  Ah well.  Draw and learn. (And no, I’m not fishing for anything here.  Please talk about anything but this topic in your comments.  This is just confession, not group therapy.)

You can find each one of the characters represented above in the “Characters” section of this very site.  But, for those that are curious, here’s the run down.

Panel 1: The Space Pig

Panel 2 L-R: Mega Matt, Captain Emo, Gene, The Healer, Captain Spectacular, Spy Gal, Heroman, The Thrice Evil, Black Rain, Star Maiden, Captain Spectacular II, Swifty, Ninjalina

Panel 3 L-R: Lumbering Jack, Duchess of Keno, Bingo Knight, Baby Plinko, Bubbles of Light, Venusian Evilhunter, Death, M.D., Dr. Klein, Dictator Tot, Nurse Carter.

As for the notable absences…don’t worry, they’ll be explained soon enough.  Though I’m sure if you think about it you’ll know very quickly why they’re not there.

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