Wouldn’t you love to be in a book club with Tangerine?


Just a quick reminder that I’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. This is the big one. I’ll be speaking at the Digital Comics panel inRoom 7AB on Friday at 11:30am. There will be a Q&A, so feel free to come and give me a hard time.

Also, I’ll be packin’ some copies of SuperFogeys Vol. 1 (available for purchase by request) and I’ll have a bunch of hot-off-the-press SuperFogeys bookmarks to give away for free. (They’re so new that they even feature the new SF logo, which will make its official debut on the new SF site coming soon!)


Mike Osgueda, writer and entertainment reporter for my local paper, the Fresno Bee, interviewed me yesterday for the Beehive, the Bee’s online culture news blog. We talked about about the panel at Comic-Con, Monsterplex and I even dropped some SuperFogeys knowledge.

I’m in San Diego as you read this so I won’t have a chance to provide a direct link, but you should see it post sometime today over at the Beehive.


A Comic Con report? Maybe. Probably.

On Tuesday, it’s action and violence time as Spy Gal makes her way through the palace in “Spy Gal’s Secret Mission.”

Then, on Thursday, it’s Captain Spectacular’s turn to sit down with Dr. Klein. They should have a lot to talk about.