So, here’s a thing. How does the call for peace square with the way peace is often achieved? I’ve always been fascinated by those who call for peace at any cost. Pacifism seems like a luxury of our day to me, though increasingly less so.

As an American, I’ve been raised with the belief that something are simply worth fighting–and, by extension–dying for. Chief among those things? Freedom. What happens when you value peace over freedom? Your only choice then is to give in to rule, and probably unrighteous rule at that. But is that so bad? It might not be, so long as you’re comfortable. I wonder what happens when you’re not.

On the other side of that, no one has yet figured out a way to stop freedom of thought. There’s a zen that can overtake you when you just accept your circumstances and let the outside forces do what they have to do. So long as you’re okay with yourself and you’re behavior, there’s a school of thought that says you can endure anything.

Or do pacifists honestly think good ends come about by weak means? I confess I have my doubts.

See you on Monday with the final, double-sized installment of this chapter!