Those of you that celebrate it, I hope you had a great Christmas. I hope I did too. I wrote this 5 days ago!

Welcome to Guest Strippin’ Xmas! Today and for the next three days I’ll be featuring strips from SuperFans like you who have banded together to give Marc and I a bit of break. First up is Will Boyer of “SuperMilo the Strip” and “Gospelman.”┬áHere’s Will’s bio:

Will Boyer is a freelance cartoonist from North Carolina who – in his spare time from his full-time day job, freelance art commissions, and his relationship with the love of his life – works on his two personal webcomics, SuperMilo the Strip (A.K.A. “The Misadventures of SuperMilo”) and Gospelman. Which is why there have been no consistent updates in years. He has meanwhile completed a children’s book for a client which is now online for sell and is working on the second in his client’s series. He hopes to marry his sweetheart, finish the current children’s book series, and get back to creating his own webcomics and self-published books and graphic novels soon.

Thanks, Will!