Some expert storytelling from Marc in this strip. It looks deceptively simple, but there’s really a lot going on across these four panels and fitting all the beats in and choosing just the right angle is no mean trick. I honestly didn’t know how Marc was going to interpret the script, but he did a more than fine job. Glad he’s on my side! Comic-making abilities like that could be devastating if used for evil.

I believe I mentioned now and again that I have a real passion for writing. About a year ago, I submitted my first book through my agent to publishers and then I never really said what happened afterwards. I’ve finally decided to talk about my experiences in a new blog entitled “How My Writing Reached the Top of a New York Skyscraper and Then Fell Back Down Again.” I tried to be as honest and forthcoming as I could, and I’m kind of proud of how it turned out. Also included is the first three pages from the book, for the curious. I hope you’ll check it out.