I think I mentioned that I’ve been rereading SF lately as I prepare files for Comixology. In the course of that, I’ve noticed that one thing I have a tendency to do is cut rapidly between simultaneously occurring scenes, jumping from character to character sometimes after only one or two strips. That’s fun and it can keep things fast paced, but I also like the rare times I’ve really dug into a scene and let it go on for 5 or 6 or even 10 strips.

With this chapter, I’ve made a conscious decision to not cut so much. We just spent a long time with Cap and Zurida and Money Man, and now we’re finally back to Valhalla where we’ll basically stay for a good long while. I don’t know. I like changing things up. A lot of have been commenting that you have no idea where the story is going right now. I like to think little things like this contribute to that.

I have a new blog up on the blog for the place I work at, AIMS Education Foundation. This one reveals the secrets of the video studio the art department designed and constructed last year with a guided tour from our on camera talent, Erin (who is also my wife). It’s a short, three-and-a-half minute video that I’m particularly proud of because it’s also the first video for AIMS that I edited all by myself. Check out “Secrets of the AIMS Studio” right here.