Double sized strip! Double-sized strip! These are a rare treat, but always welcome. Love it when Marc does this.


I was a little late posting comments to Monday’s strip so those of you who saw it when it first went up probably didn’t see my note about Cami. Here it is if you did miss it:

Some of you may remember that the character of Cami from 216 – “Cami” was based on my daughter at 3-years-old. She’s 10 now and over the weekend on Patreon I posted an update on her with some short video. If you’d like to see it, it’s available for viewing by everyone right over there.

As always, we appreciate your support on Patreon. It keeps us going in a very real way.

See you on Friday with 666 – “When He Can Smell You From in There, It’s a Problem”