I’ve enjoyed very much the discussion about the nature of the different Deaths we’ve seen. Reminds me of the old days when speculation would run rampant with every strip we posted! I’ve refrained from involving myself too much in the conversation, but what I can tell you (and confirm!) is that each sphere–or dimension–gets their own versions of Death, and each dimension has many Deaths, each with its own job and personality. I don’t know how much we’re ever going to get to explore all the facets of Death in the SF universe because it really doesn’t matter a whole heckuva lot in the scheme of the current story, but there you go.


So, for a long while, we’ve had a goal on Patreon that we just haven’t quite been able to reach. The promise has been that if we reach $75 worth of pledges then I would send out a top secret document detailing exactly what happened during the missing year in the SuperFogeys timeline, right after Zurida took over the United States. We’ve been close to that goal, but we’ve never quite hit it.

Well, I’ve changed the goal. Now, if we reach $65 worth of pledges–that’s just $10 more than the current pledge count–every single Patron will receive that document–a document, by the way, that’s positively loaded with detail on each and every character. There’s stuff in there that will trickle out into the comic proper, but loads that won’t but that would of great interest to even the most casual SuperFogeys reader.

Stuff like…

What important role Captain Spectacular filled in Zurida’s administration!

The tragic way Soviet Sam lost an eye!

What horrible thing Percy did during the Battle of Fresno that changed him forever!

…and much more!

Can we hit that goal? This current chapter is almost over. Let’s make it happen before then! Tell your friends and neighbors! This goal is within reach. I can feel it.

Head on over to this link to find out how you can become a Patron and support SuperFogeys for as little as $1 (or even 50 cents!) a month. If just 10 (or 20!) people did that, the goal would be met in a hot second. Marc and I sincerely appreciate all those who do.

See you on Wednesday with 725 – “Slaughter Many, Many More”